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Our goal is to help you discover your path through community and collaborations.  PATH is a new program designed for the Woman Entrepreneur as she discovers her path to success.  Everyone will experience different challenges, but the goals are the same which is to succeed in building a business that makes you happy, is fulfilling, provides rewards, stability, and flexibility.  From startups, to seasoned entrepreneurs, your path is your own, and we learn from each other.  

What is your PATH to success?

PATH is a Women's Success Program built on the foundation of collaborations, as we unravel challenges together, share strategies, set goals, and provide support and motivation, through a community of women leaders from a variety of professional backgrounds representing several industries.

PATH is a six month program for women entrepreneurs, where we will set those steps to success in place, help you monetize your message, get unstuck, gain clarity of the end goal, and increase your revenue through collaborations, community, workshops. strategy sessions, and PATH Labs.

PATH runs January - June 2022

  • Monthly PATH Labs

  • Pop-Up Workshops

  • LIVE Virtual Summit

  • Refreshing Real-Time BIZ Community Consulting + MORE

PATH begins January 2022, with two pre-programming gatherings in 2021.

PATH: About Us


With Lori Carrese

I'm Lori Carrese, a 13-year Solo-Entrepreneur who believes in collaborations for success.  I'm passionate in supporting women owned businesses, and pushing through challenges to continue to always allow us to grow.  I've hustled the pivot, on top of pivot, on top of pivot 2020-2021 as most of us have, not to mention just getting started as an entrepreneur with an idea, drive and a domain more than a decade ago, which led me to this moment in creating a path to share and to bring women together for professional success.  

I am not a coach, but a community builder, and have designed "PATH" to help you discover yours.  Connect through leadership practical business experience, group consulting, labs to work through topics for business growth, getting to your why, and getting unstuck through motivation, encouragement, leadership, and community.

The STAGE is YOURS.  What PATH will YOU take to step on to it?  It's time to SHINE inside and out!

PATH: About
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