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What inspires you? Women United!

As the producer of 360 Talk Radio for Women, I'm inspired by the women of our community who continue to share their stories, show up every day to use their voice, and especially for those who use their expertise to help others. Women who come together to brave speaking out on difficult topics are those who inspire me. What ever is the trigger of inspiration for you, draw yourself closer to it. Be reminded daily in building habits of emerging yourself among those who motivate and empower you. As someone who records my own shows with guests on a variety of topic, one thing is united I feel with other women, being uplifted, gaining value by having them enter this space, sometimes crying because podcasting becomes my therapy when the experts do their thing....dig deep. I'm moved, I'm inspired, and I'm United with women who are using their power for healing and education. We're an empowerment community. We hope that at 360 Talk Radio for Women is a place you go to for reset, to listen to the voices who inspire you, and the tools that motivate you.

Lori Carrese

360 Talk Radio for Women, Producer

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Mohammed Hossen
Mohammed Hossen
15 de abr. de 2023

Mohammed hossen

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